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Radio: The Resilient Medium

Sans titre2“Radio : le média résiliant”

Les textes de la troisième conférence de la section de Recherche de Radio de ECREA (European Communication Research and Education Association) ont été édités (en anglais) par Madalena Oliveira, Grażyna Stachyra et Guy Starkey.

“Radio is a resilient medium. It has evolved considerably over its hundred-year history and we have every reason to believe that evolution will continue. This book is a peer- reviewed collection of papers from the third conference of the Radio Research Section of the European Research and Education Association (ECREA), held at the London Campus of the University of Sunderland in September 2013. It represents some of the best research presented at the conference, but every chapter has been revised and edited prior to publication. The book, like the conference, is an initiative of the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies (CRMCS), which is based in Sunderland”. Published by the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, United Kingdom SR1 3SD

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